Yellowstone National Park

Official Park Map

Below is the official Yellowstone National Park map as a jpeg and in three geocoded formats, as a GeoTiff, as a KMZ file, and in Oruxmaps format. The official park map as a Geo PDF can be found here.

Yellowstone Park Service Map

Geyser Predictions

Geyser predictions from the National Park Service are only available for six geysers as of 2019. has additional information for many geysers such as time of last eruption, average time between eruptions, ... and is a very useful sourece. If you are planning to shoot geysers you should become familiar with the following sources:

Shooting Locations and Points of Interest

Here is an overview map showing all of Yellowstone National Park and popular places to visit

Google Map of Yellowstone National Park

To view the map in Google Maps please click anywhere on the map above.