Yant Flat Sunrise Sunset Calculator




Daily Details - Desktop

The free web application The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE) provides the exact position of the sun and moon as viewed from a particular location on a given date and time. You need to create a free account the first time you use it. TPE also provides shadow length and whether or not a subject will be in the shade at a given time. Click on the first icon below to open The Photographer's Ephemeris centered on the location shown. Clicking the second icon gives the National Weather Service Point Forecast for the location. Clicking on the third gives a wind forecast from windy.com, and the fourth estimated snow depth:

  Elephant Arch   TPE Icon      NWS Forecast     Windy.com Forecast      Windy.com Estimated Snow Depth
  Kanarra Creek Falls   TPE Icon      NWS Forecast     Windy.com Forecast      Windy.com Estimated Snow Depth
  Naming Cave   TPE Icon      NWS Forecast     Windy.com Forecast      Windy.com Estimated Snow Depth
  Petrified Sand Dunes   TPE Icon      NWS Forecast     Windy.com Forecast      Windy.com Estimated Snow Depth
  Pine Park Campground   TPE Icon      NWS Forecast     Windy.com Forecast      Windy.com Estimated Snow Depth
  Scout Cave   TPE Icon      NWS Forecast     Windy.com Forecast      Windy.com Estimated Snow Depth
  Snow Canyon Scenic Overlook   TPE Icon      NWS Forecast     Windy.com Forecast      Windy.com Estimated Snow Depth
  The Bowl   TPE Icon      NWS Forecast     Windy.com Forecast      Windy.com Estimated Snow Depth
  White Rock Ampitheater   TPE Icon      NWS Forecast     Windy.com Forecast      Windy.com Estimated Snow Depth
  Yant Flat   TPE Icon      NWS Forecast     Windy.com Forecast      Windy.com Estimated Snow Depth

You can also import all of the points of interest on the Yant Flat map into TPE Desktop by downloading this POI file POI List Icon and the choosing Locations Import in TPE Desktop. Crookneck Consulting LLC publishesTPE and the web application is free to use.

You can view actual and forecast wind speeds throughout the entire Saint George area on windy.com. Click on the menu on the right-hand side of the windy.com screen to see weather radar, cloud cover, wind gusts, rain, snow depth, temperature, cloud levels, fog, etc., on the map. Clicking on a point of interest on the map shows its name and any associated comments.


Daily Details - Mobile

Many apps for your phone or tablet help with shot planning. My favorites are Photopills and TPE for Android/iOS or TPE 3D for iOS only. Both applications support the importation of points of interest/locations. To import POIs for Yant Flat into one of these apps, proceed as follows:

  • Download the KML file with the points of interest by clicking here: POI List Icon
  • Email the downloaded file to yourself
  • On your phone, open the email you just sent and tap the attachment
  • Choose Photopills or TPE or Google Earth or any other app that appears on the list
  • The locations in the attachment will be added to those already on your phone


The Sunrise Sunset calculator above provides a monthly calendar showing Sunrise/Sunset and Moonrise/Moonset times and Moon phase for a whole month. More detailed information can be obtained by clicking on one of the Photographer's Ephemeris icons above or via one of the mobile applications listed.

Yant Flat is in Utah, which observes daylight savings time (DST). Therefore, the times shown in the calendar reflect DST.


Windy.com shows current and forecast snow depth estimates based on several weather models. Weather models use a variety of different grid sizes and varying update frequencies. Grid sizes are 9 km for the ECMWF model, 13 km for the Icon Model, and 7 km for the ICON-EU model (Europe only). I use the ECMWF model usually. Elevations and topography can vary significantly within a grid, so use snow depth estimates with caution, especially in mountainous areas. Windy.com also provides estimates of snow density. The density of dry new snow (powder) varies from 50-70 kg/m3, damp new snow from 100-200 kg/m3, and settled snow from 200-300 kg/m3. The higher the density, the greater the risk of fall.

Clicking on the snow icon below opens windy.com at zoom level 11 and shows the weather picker. The windy.com map is color-coded. A legend is on the bottom right of the screen. Gray indicates no snow, cool colors like blue and green mean little to moderate snow and warm colors indicate significant snow. If you zoom in, you can see a numerical estimated amount of snow at a precise location, but you will lose the color coding. The model opens showing the current estimated snow depth; use the time slider on the bottom left to view forecast snow depth.