Google Map of Sedona Landmarks and Trails


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Caltopo Map of Sedona

In addition to the Google Map of Sedona, I have added a Caltopo Map. Caltopo maps show land ownership, which is important if you plan to boondock. You do not want to camp on private land; US Forest Service, NPS, and BLM camping regulations are often different. Caltopo maps are preferable for off-trail hiking since they show ten feet elevation contours and terrain slope shading. Caltopo maps can also show other map sources as layers. Openstreetmap, US Forest Service Maps, and USGS topo maps are available. Openstreetmap is particularly useful as it often includes additional trails and POIs, such as the location of ruins. Caltopo maps can also show sun shading, 24-hour low and high temperatures, precipitation, wind plots, and the air quality index. Pro users can see current temperature, precipitation, wind, snow-pack, and air quality index on the map.


Sedona Area Roads

The National Forest Service publishes Coconino National Forest road maps. All legal roads within the National Forest are shown on the maps. Other gravel/dirt roads in the National Forest are closed. You may be subject to a fine if you are found on them. Three color maps are available: an overall map, a north area map, and a south area map. The south area map includes Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek. Here are the maps in digital format; only uncollared maps are available as the legends contain essential information:

Map in Geo Tiff Format KMZ Format Oruxmaps Format
Coconino National Forest KMZ Oruxmap
North Coconino National Forest KMZ Oruxmap
South Coconino National Forest KMZ Oruxmap

Sedona Trails

The tables below contain KML and GPX routes for over 130 hikes. I have divided the hikes into three groups: those north of Highway 89A, those east of Highway 179, and those west of Highway 179. A few trails cross Highway 179; in that case, I put the trail in the section where most of the trail lies. Many trails are out and back, but often, one can combine several trails to produce a loop. Alternatively, if two vehicles are available, some great one-way hikes can be constructed by combining several trails. Hiking distances below are one-way for out-and-back trails and total round-trip for loop trails. Most trails are well-defined and easy to follow, but we suggest you use a GPS to track where you are and how to get back to civilization. Remember - "The wilderness is not your friend." You could die if you get lost on some of the less trafficked trails. A few routes, such as the hike to the Huckaby Windows, are off-trail and can be steep and exposed. A fall could be fatal. The Off-trail routes included are approximate; use your own judgment as to the best lines to follow.

The final column shows whether it is legal to mountain bike fly a drone over the trail. Mountain bikes and drones are forbidden in designated wilderness areas.

To use the information below, first select a hike using a different source, such as the book "Great Sedona Hikes 4th edition" by Bill Bohan and David Butler and find the corresponding trail (or trails) below. Download either a KML or GPX file to your GPS or phone. You can follow the trail on your GPS / phone as you hike. You can also download a KML file to your PC or MAC and view it in Google Earth. In Google Earth, 3D views are available, and you can see an elevation profile by right-clicking on a trail. Caltopo shows ten-foot elevation lines and slope angle shading to help you understand the terrain you will be hiking on.

Trails East of Highway 179

Some trails east of Highway 179 are in the Munds Mountain Wilderness. Courthouse Buttes and Bell Rock lie in this wilderness; you cannot fly a drone over them. You can mountain bike or fly on the trails near them, however. The area east of Schnebly Hill Road and all of Munds Mountain and Lee Mountain is in this wilderness area.

Trail Miles Download a KML Download a GPX Drones/Bikes Allowed
Baby Bell Trail0.25KMLGPX Yes
Bail Trail0.35KMLGPXYes
Bell Rock Access Trail0.15KMLGPXYes
Bell Rock Trail3.6KMLGPXYes
Big Park Loop Trail1.5KMLGPXYes
Big Park Loop Connecting Trail0.1KMLGPXYes
Broken Arrow Trail1.5KMLGPXYes
Chapel Trail0.7KMLGPXYes
Courthouse Butte Loop Trail2.4KMLGPXPartial
Hangover Trail3.8KMLGPXYes
High on the Hog Trail0.4KMLGPXYes
Hog Heaven Trail0.9KMLGPXYes
Hog Wash Trail1.5KMLGPXYes
Hot Loop Connector0.8KMLGPXYes
Hot Loop Trail12KMLGPXNo
Huckaby Trail2.9KMLGPXYes
Huckaby Windows Trail0.5KMLGPXYes
Jacks Canyon Trail6.2KMLGPXPartial
Little Horse Trail1.6KMLGPXYes
Llama Trail2.9KMLGPXYes
Margs Draw Connector0.4KMLGPXNo
Margs Draw Trail1.9KMLGPXNo
Merry-Go-Round Trail0.1KMLGPXYes
Middle Trail0.5KMLGPXYes
Midgely Bridge Trail0.5KMLGPXYes
Munds Wagon Trail5KMLGPXYes
Mystic Trail1KMLGPXYes
Peccary Trail0.5KMLGPXYes
Phone Trail0.5KMLGPXYes
Pig Tail Trail0.7KMLGPXYes
Rabbit Ears Trail2.5KMLGPXYes
Red Tank Draw1.8KMLGPXYes
Submarine Rock Trail0.7KMLGPXYes
Twin Buttes Trail0.5KMLGPXYes
V-Bar-V Trail0.4KMLGPXUnknown
Woods Canyon Trail5.4KMLGPXNo
All Trails East of 179NAKMLGPX

Trails West of Highway 179

Drones and Mountain bikes are allowed on all trails between Highway 179 and State Route 89A. Although there is no legal restriction, UAVs should not fly near the Sedona airport. Jet aircraft, tour helicopters, and military and general aviation aircraft use the airport. You are responsible should your drone collide with an airplane. I am unsure if you can operate a UAV over the Crescent Moon Picnic Site. Crescent Moon is on National Forest land and not in a wilderness area, so operation should be allowed there. However, the park employees feel otherwise! The B4UFLY app indicates that operation is legal at Crescent Moon.

Trail Miles Download a KML Download a GPX Drones/Bikes Allowed
Airport Loop Trail3.3KMLGPXYes
Baldwin Trail2.1KMLGPXYes
Bandit Trail0.5KMLGPXYes
Carroll Canyon North0.6KMLGPXYes
Carroll Canyon South1.2KMLGPXYes
Cathedral Reflecting Pool Trail0.3KMLGPXYes
Cathedral Rock Trail0.6KMLGPXYes
Connector Skywalker to Old Post Trail0.4KMLGPXYes
Easy Breezy Trail2.3KMLGPXYes
Herkenham Trail1KMLGPXYes
Hiline Trail3.2KMLGPXYes
Homee Trail0.4KMLGPXYes
Ht Trail0.8KMLGPXYes
Kaibab Trail0.15KMLGPXYes
Kel Fox Trail2.7KMLGPXYes
Made in the Shade1.3KMLGPXYes
Oak Creek Caves Trail0.25KMLGPXYes
Old Post Trail1KMLGPXYes
Over Easy Trail0.25KMLGPXYes
Pyramid Trail1.3KMLGPXYes
Ramshead Trail1.1KMLGPXYes
Red Rock Crossing Trail0.4KMLGPXYes
Scheurman Trail2.3KMLGPXYes
Scorpion Trail2KMLGPXYes
Secret Slickrock Trail0.4KMLGPXYes
Sedona View Trail0.6KMLGPXYes
Skywalker Trail1.9KMLGPXYes
Slim Shady Trail2.6KMLGPXYes
Templeton Trail3.5KMLGPXYes
Turkey Creek Trail3.6KMLGPXYes
Yavapai Trail0.3KMLGPXYes
All Trails West of Highway 179NAKMLGPXYes

Trails North of Highway 89A

Many hiking trails north of Highway 89A lie in the Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness. Drone operation is forbidden on these trails. Some of the better-known areas where drones are prohibited include Boyton Canyon, The Subway

, Shaman's Cave, West Fork of Oak Creek, Devil's Bridge, Lon Cnaton, Secret Mountain, and Bear Mountain.

Trail Miles Download a KML Download a GPX Drones/Bikes Allowed
Adobe Jack Trail2KMLGPXYes
Aerie Trail2.9KMLGPXYes
Anaconda Trail1.7KMLGPXYes
Andante Trail0.6KMLGPXYes
Arch Ruin Trail0.14KMLGPXNo
Arizona Cypress Trail1.7KMLGPXYes
Bear Mountain trail2.1KMLGPXNo
Bear Sign Canyon2.8KMLGPXNo
Birthing Cave Trail0.4KMLGPXYes
Boynton Canyon Trail3.1KMLGPXNo
Boynton Upper Vortex Trail0.2KMLGPXNo
Boynton Vortex Trail0.2KMLGPXNo
Brins Mesa Trail3.5KMLGPXPartial
Call of the Canyon Trail0.3KMLGPXYes
Capitol Butte South Scramble0.7KMLGPXNo
Centennial Trail0.4KMLGPXYes
Chuck Wagon Trail5.5KMLGPXYes
Cibola Pass Trail0.7KMLGPXPartial
Cockscomb Trail3.6KMLGPXYes
Coyote Trail0.35KMLGPXYes
Crusty Trail0.5KMLGPXYes
David Miller Trail0.8KMLGPXNo
Dawa Trail1.8KMLGPXYes
Deadmans Pass Trail1.2KMLGPXYes
Devils Bridge Trail1KMLGPXPartial
Doe Mountain Trail0.7KMLGPXYes
Dogie Trail5.7KMLGPXNo
Dry Creek Trail2.6KMLGPXNo
Fay Canyon East Ascent0.4KMLGPXNo
Fay Canyon Trail1.3KMLGPXNo
Fay Canyon West Ascent0.3KMLGPXNo
Girdner Trail4.8KMLGPXYes
Grand Central Trail2.3KMLGPXYes
Hilltop Ruin Trail1.3KMLGPXNo
HS Canyon Trail2.1KMLGPXNo
HS Secret Heights2.5KMLGPXNo
Javelina Trail1.3KMLGPXYes
Jim Thompson Trail2.7KMLGPXYes
Jordan Trail1.7KMLGPXYes
Last Frontier Trail4.4KMLGPXYes
Ledge n Airy Trail4.1KMLGPXYes
Long Canyon Trail4.1KMLGPXNo
Lost Canyon Trail1.1KMLGPXNo
Loy Canyon Trail5KMLGPXNo
Mescal Trail2.6KMLGPXYes
Middle Teacup Trail0.3KMLGPXYes
Midgely Bridge Loop Trail0.4KMLGPXYes
Mushroom Rock Trail0.9KMLGPXNo
N Wilson Mountain Trail2.2KMLGPXNo
Power Line Plunge Trail0.7KMLGPXYes
Rupp Trail0.9KMLGPXYes
Secret Canyon Trail1.9KMLGPXNo
Secret Mountain Trail5.6KMLGPXNo
Shamans Cave Trail0.4KMLGPXNo
Shamans Cave Trail Low Clearance1.2KMLGPXYes
Skidmark Trail0.5KMLGPXNo
Snake Trail0.5KMLGPXNo
Soldier Pass Trail2KMLGPXPartial
Steamboat Rock Trail0.6KMLGPXNo
Sterling Pass Trail2.1KMLGPXNo
Subway Trail0.4KMLGPXNo
Sugar Loaf Loop0.9KMLGPXYes
Sugarloaf Mt0.25KMLGPXYes
Sunrise Trail0.75KMLGPXYes
Teacup Trail1.6KMLGPXYes
Thunder Mountain Trail1.6KMLGPXYes
Vultee Arch Trail1.8KMLGPXNo
West Fork Trail2.7KMLGPXNo
Western Civilization Trail2KMLGPXYes
Wilson Canyon Trail1.2KMLGPXNo
Wilson Mountain Trail4.5KMLGPXNo
All Trails North of 89ANAKMLGPX


USGS 24K Topo Maps

It takes twelve 24K topo maps to cover most of the hikes and drives in the Sedona area. The topo maps Sedona And Wilson Mountain cover Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek proper.

The table to the right contains the topo maps in various formats. KMZ overlay files can be opened with Google Earth, and Oruxmap files can be opened with Oruxmaps, a free mapping app for Android phones and tablets. USGS topo maps contain a white border (called the collar), which contains information such as the map name, names of neighboring maps, the date the map was created, and latitude and longitude reference lines... While collars are beneficial on printed maps, the information on the collar is much less useful for computer use. Maps with the collar removed can also be downloaded in the table to the right.

For reference, here is an image showing the names of all 12 topo maps and their location. The topo maps can be downloaded to the right of this image.

Sedona Index Map

Map showing locations of Sedona Topo Maps

Sedona's Shamans Cave, also known as Robber's Roost, at Dawn

Shaman's Cave at Dawn

Cathedral Rock seen from Crescent Moon Ranch in Sedona

Cathedral Rock Reflection

The Milky Way framing Sedona's Courthouse Butte with Bell Rock to the Right

The Milky Way framing Courthouse Butte

Forked Lightning over Bell Rock in Sedona, Courthouse Butte to the left

Lightning over Bell Rock

Remnant of Mayhew Lodge near the West Fork of Oak Creek trailhead covered in snow

A White Christmas

The Milky Way over Cathedral Rock in Sedona as seen form the Templeton Trail

Reaching for the Stars

Sedona's Lee Mountain covered in snow as seen from the Little Horse Trailhead

Snow covering Lee Mountain

Sedona's Cathedral Rock as seen from the Secret Slickrock Trail

Cathedral Rock and Cactus

The Milky Way and Shaman's Cave

Shaman's Cave at Night