Tutuveni Sunrise Sunset Calculator



Daily Details

The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE) application provides detailed information with the exact position of the sun and moon as viewed from a particular location on a on a given date and time. TPE also provides shadow length, and whether or not a subject will be in shade at a given time. Click on the first icon below opens The Photographer's Ephemeris centered on the location shown, clicking on the second gives the National Weather Service Point Forecast for the location:

Tuba City Dinosaur Tracks: TPE centered on the Tuba City Dinosaur Tracks   NWS Forecast at Tuba City Dinosaur Tracks

Tutuveni Newspaper Rock: TPE centered on Tutuveni Newspaper Rock   NWS Forecast at Tutuveni Newspaper Rock

TPE is also available for iOS and Android phones and tablets. See http://photoephemeris.com/ for more details. Highly recommended!

TPE is published by Crookneck Consulting LLC and the web application is free to use.



The Sunrise Sunset calculator above provides a monthly calendar showing sunrise/set and moonrise/set and moon phase for a whole month. More detailed information can be obtained by clicking on the Photographer's Ephemeris icon above.

Sunrise Sunset times are given at the Tuba City Dinosaur Tracks in ARizona. Note that the tracks are located within the Navajo Nation which oberves Daylight Savings time.