Horseshoe Bend

The hike to Horseshoe Bend is an easy hike beginning on Highway 89 about 2 miles south of the Walmart in Page, Arizona. The parking area for the trailhead is 0.2 miles south of mile marker 545. The hike is 0.5 miles long (the sign at the trailhead says .75 miles, Google Earth says .53 or so) and there is a hard to find small dinosaur track about 50 yards from the end. Thousands of people probably walk right by this footprint every year and never notice it!

You will need a 24mm lens or wider to get the whole overlook in. Consider using a polarizer to bring out the color of the water. It is easy to overexpose here. I suggest you bracket or use a graduated neutral density filter. Early afternoon in late Spring/ early Summer is the best time to avoid shadows. Sunrise works very well also, be there right when the sun rises. This way the far cliffs will be lit but the entire bend will be in shadow. At sunset you'll be shooting right into the sun, so consider waiting till the last seconds and get a starburst by shooting at f/22.

It's a 500 feet drop to the Colorado river here so be careful. If you really want to see the Colorado river here from the bottom you can book a float trip that comes up from Lee's Ferry!


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