Artist Biography

Elaine Belvin’s interest in photography was sparked by the beautiful landscapes she and her husband saw while hiking in the American Southwest. After a long career in Information Technology, photography is now her focus and hiking gives her access to remarkable sites. Elaine brings a combination of artistic and technological skills to her images. She use the camera as a tool to create works of art that capture an expression, a mood, a natural geometry, an exceptional quality of light, or a striking color palette. Computer technology helps her to transform what the camera captured into what she saw in her mind’s eye. It is this combination of artistic and computer skills that shapes the final product. Through photography, she has discovered a way of expressing and representing the things that touch her and hopefully, touch others. Elaine’s portfolio includes nature, wildlife and vintage images from the American Southwest, Africa, and other travel destinations. Her photographic work has consistently been recognized for its excellence since she began, winning the top awards in camera club and gallery exhibits. It is currently on display at the Sedona Arts Center Gallery. She moved to Sedona late in 2012 from Great Neck, NY, with her husband, Bill, who is also an accomplished photographer.