Denali National Park

Below is the official Denali National Park map as a GeoPDF and in three geocoded formats, as a GeoTIFF, as a KMZ file, and in Oruxmaps format. The official park map as a GeoPDF (aka geospatial map) can also be found here.

Denali National Park 7.5 minute topo maps

Denali National Park is covered by Denali (western part of the park) and Healy (eastern part) 7.5 minute USGS topographic maps. Most of these maps exist on the National Map Server, but some are still under creation as part of the USGS Alaska Mapping Initiative. About half of the Denali area maps have not yet been created, especially for the more remote regions of the park. Healy area maps are complete. I have only provided the Healy maps below. Once all of the Denali maps are available I will produce those as well.

The Healy area is covered by 96 topographic maps. Each map has three identifiers, an east-west number running from 1 (east) to 6 (west), a letter running from A (south) to D (north), and a quadrant (SE,SW,NE,NW). 7.5 minute topographic maps are available on the US National Map Server at All maps on the National Map Server are in GeoPDF format. These 7.5 minute GeoPDF maps can be easily converted to KMZ, Geotiff, or RMAP format using the program (MAPC2MAPC. Current USGS 7.5 minute maps have several layers, one of which is a low resolution image of the terrain. This image provides very little information so I have chosen to remove it from the GeoTIFF, RMAP, and KMZ maps below. After removing the image layer current USGS maps are much closer in appearance to traditional USGS maps. Removing the image layer makes it much easier to view the map on your phone, tablet, or mapping GPS. MAPC2MAPC recently added the ability to remove selected layers from a GeoPDF when loading. You must be using MAPC2MAPC version 5.6.6 or higher. The option to remove layers is found on the Settings screen Load tab under PDF Layers Off.

MAPC2MAPC Settings

Any layer names listed in the input box to the left of PDF Layers OFF will be removed from the final map. To remove the image layer and largely decollar the map enter Map_Frame.Projection_and_Grids,Images.Orthoimage,Map_Collar.Map_Elements,Barcode,Images,Map_Collar in this input box. Multiple layers can be removed by separating them with commas. Do not include any spaces between items, and if there is a space in the layer name replace it with an underscore (_). Finally be sure the option "Crop KAP and PDF Maps when Loading" is checked and that "Auto Remove Collar" is unchecked.

Here are the 7.5 minute maps for the Healy area. Due to the size of the maps I created eight regions, each consisting of 12 maps. The regions are A1-A3, A4-A6, B1-B3, B4-B6, C1-C3, C4-C6, D1-D3, and D4-D6. A typical merge region looks like this:

Alaska Map Numbering

Healy maps are available in a variety of mobile-friendly formats below.


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