Alaska 15 minute topo maps

The USGS is currently mapping all of Alaska to 7.5 minute resolution. Creating these maps is part of the USGS Alaska Mapping Initiative, and is less than half completed. For this reason most people rely on historical 15 minute (100,000 to 1) Alaska maps. These historical maps are available from the US National Map Server at All maps on the National Map Server are GeoPDFs. The 15 minute maps have only one layer and can be easily coverted to KMZ, Geotiff, or RMAP format using MAPC2MAPC. To decollar 15 minute USGS maps make sure "Crop KAP and PDF maps when Loading" and "Auto Remove Collar" are checked in the MAPC2MAPC Settings. The USGS 100K maps are scanned copies of paper maps. In some cases more than one copy of the same map has been scanned. When multiple copies of a map were found on the National Map Server on the I downloaded the map with the largest filesize. Scanned colors are not always consistent between scanned maps, this was very apparent when I merged several maps together.

I have downloaded 15 minute maps for the area surrounding the Dalton Highway (Haul Road) in northern Alaska. They are available in a variety of mobile-friendly formats below. I selected only maps along the Dalton Highway since access to the rest of northern Alaska is normally only possible by plane or float trip. Maps have been produced for seven areas along the Dalton Highway. The maps cover the area bounded by the Yukon River to the south and Deadhorse in the north. The merged maps below are quite large and cover an area of approximately 5000 square miles. Each of the seven areas below is divided into either 24 or 20 100K maps using a numbering system similar to this:

Alaska topo map numbering